Song List

Gamelan Manik Harum has performed the following traditional and contemporary Bali songs and dances:

Angkat Angkatan (Working Together)

Balaganjur (Traditional Processional)

Baris (Warrier Dance)

Capung Gantung (Hanging Dragonfly)

Dagang Tuak (Palm Cider Seller)

Dongkang Memek Biyu (Toad Climbs Banana Tree)

Gegilak Pekaad (Ending Song)

Jauk (Mask Dance)

Karya Wiwiha (Wedding Song – Original Composition by I Made Lasmawan)

Meong Meong (Children’s Song – Cat and Rat)

Nedes Lemah (Sunrise / Wake Up)

Ngalap Bunga (Pick the Flowers)

Pendet (Devotional Welcome Dance)

Puspanjali (Contemporary Welcoming Dance)

Putri Cening Ayu (Children’s Song – My Beautiful Daughter)

Rejang Dewa (Ceremonial Welcome Dance)

Sekar Sendat (Sandalwood Blossom)

Selamat Pagi (Children’s Song – Good Morning)

Tabuh Telu Ndong (Percussion form)

Taman Sari (Dance – Beautiful Flower Garden)


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