Video Clips

“…….strange instruments… muffled laughter of forgotten gods……”                 Hickman Powell, 1930 – Bali: the Last Paradise

First Friday, April 2018, Top Hat



          Pendet (with Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre dancers)

          Capung Gantung


          Puspanjali (with Faith Morrison and Jen Kerber)

          Gegalik Pecaad

Montana Folk Festival – Butte – 2017 – Balaganjur – Beginning and Middle and End

First Night Missoula 2017 (performed Dec 31, 2016 at UM Music Recital Hall) – Baris

University of Montana Homecoming Parade, October 1, 2016  –  Balaganjur

First Night Missoula 2016 (performed Dec 31, 2015 at Missoula Community Theatre)

          Rejang Dewa (with Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre dancers)

          Capung Gantung

          Puspanjali (Faith Morrison, Jen Kerber & Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre dancers)

          Sekar Taman (Gender Wayang – Gamelan Alas Harum)

First Friday, Oct 2014, Downtown Missoula – Random Act of Music and Video – Sekar Sandat and Balaganjur

Garden of 1,000 Buddhas – 10th Festival of Peace, 2014 – Marching Balaganjur (& Tibetan Music) and Stage Opening Ceremony

Bangah, Bali Temple Festival, Summer Solstice 2014 – Dongkang Menek Biyu

Lewis & Clark Elementary School Assembly 2014

           Rejang Dewa (with Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre dancers)

           Tabuh Telu Ndong

           Taman Sari

First Night Missoula 2014 (performed Dec 31, 2013 at University of Montana) – Balaganjur

University Neighborhood & Bonner Park – August 2013 – Balaganjur & Kecak Practice

Clark Fork Market – June 2013 – Dongkong Memek Biyu

First Night Missoula 2013 (performed Dec 31, 2012 at Missoula Community Theatre)

          Balaganjur with Rangda – Lobby

          Balaganjur with Rangda – Stage

          Capung Gantung  (stage left)

          Capung Gantung

          Pendet with Missoula area dancers

          Pendet with Missoula area dancers  (stage left)

          Dongkong Memek Biyu

          Dongkong Memek Biyu  (stage left)

          Selamat Pagi with Kocong!

          Selamat Pagi with Kocong!  (stage left)

          Gegalik Pecaad

          Gegalik Pecaad  (stage left)

          final bow

Downtown Tonight 2012 – Pendet with Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre

Peace Festival 2012 – Garden of 1,000 Buddhas – 30 min. set

First Night Missoula 2011 – Baris

First Night Missoula 2011 – Dongkong Memek Biyu

First Friday 2010 – Putri Cening Ayu

“…….Gamelan angklung, the ancient and ubiquitous Balinese ensemble that plays in religious processions, at temple and cremation ceremonies and for dance theater performances……”     Rudy Ornstein, 2010 – From Kuno to Kebyar


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